Media Studios

Turnkey finishing for Acoustic projects :

– Leila Studio (Mohandseen)
– Omar Khairat Studio ( Garden City)
– Time Code Viewing Room & Studio ( Mohandseen )
– SAMS Offices & Editing Rooms ( Mohandssen )
– Partner Pro Studios ( 6th of October )
– AL Fajr Channel studio & Head Quarters ( Mekkah , KSA )
– Osool Studio ( Nile city towers )
– Osool Play Out Center ( Media City , 6th of October)

These projects included the Turn key works . The detailed scope of work covered the acoustic insulation works  & interior and exterior execution of all the civil and finishing and electromechanical works , complete electrical procurement and installation works, and final exterior and interior finish up works which included procurement and installation of facilities (e.g. building works, plastering works, A/C’s, telephone switching system, computer network, Flooring, Partitioning, painting, wall cladding, plumbing, carpentry works, furnishing, and commissioning… etc..), .


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