What we do

What we do

Our company has been of great service to the construction industry since 1998. At DBC, we offer our customers a broad range of services; we design, build and finish projects of varying scales, all executed to the highest standards of quality.

Our extensive experience in working with a wide range of customers, ranging from corporations to home-owners, coupled with ourĀ investment in research and resources helps us understand userĀ needs, allowing us to translate their identity into the spaces we create.

– Construction execution & Management

  • Construction execution to the highest standards
  • Finishing works to the highest standards
  • Elecrto-mechanical works execution to the highest standards
  • Construction supervision
  • Landscaping & fixture installation
  • Completion inspection
  • Commissioning
  • Quality control
  • Project planning & Design

– Architecture & Engineering outsourcing

  • Design management
  • Arrange financing
  • Produce project time schedule & resource allocatio

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